My Name is Brian Bird and my background was in  Television and communications.  When my last job ended as a graphics coordinator for a local CBS affiliate, 4 years ago, thats when I decided to make a career change. and do something differenent and different is what I did, so . . .  I became a Montana Licensed Nail Tech. I made pretty pictures on nails! 

Even nails have stories to tell about our health and, If you have found yourself on this page and you are reading these words, then I consider you lucky, with your own health history story to tell!  

A very brief history is here about me, and it is here, with a great deal of trepidation, that I will reveal what was revealed to me early on without me even knowing it at the time when I was in Nail School . . . that it was "my destiny" to work in the healing arts, to help people recover their lost health, and i've done just that  in many cases, and  with a skill that defies all logic.  Some call them miracles. I say I have a true joy in what I do and there... is great power. 

It its with all sincereness and humbleless,  that I  feel I have have been called to teach the teachers and help those that still suffer with all manner of affliction. I've recently just done my 8th radio interview on A.M. KGHL, bringing both clients with extraordinary healing stories, and sharing new and relevant info that is "outside the box." 

If you're still reading, yes you too are outside the box and outside the box can work as good as anything. P.S. you'll notice dramatic differences even after the first session. If you arent  completely happy, you'll get your money back. I only work in honesty and devotion to getting you better. 

Unfortunatley, while there are many that make claims of healing and the con artists and scammers continue to make huge sums of money pretending to be healers, well then, there's me. 

 I work tirelessly on people who come to me with a vast array of disorders from cancer to hammertoes, from vericose veins to vertigo, and there's also my growling clientele, some extreme skeptics, some school teachers, and even Doctors, to Dog Walkers who've all walked away... amazed. Healed. On the path to full recovery.. Some get healed in one session. Some require many. Some never do. Thats just life. 

I work on everyone for an infinite number of reasons, and with great patience I learn ever more about healng.   Indeed, It is I that heals you, but it is YOU that heals you too, I get to see the miracles up close and personal.  I help change peoples bodies, lives. In short, I'm original and this is no ordinary bodywork. I've been told over and over that there's nothing like what i do. I'm not so sure. 

What I am sure is that if clients stay with me long enough, with few exceptions, they get better, and when I say better, I use the words, you will exceed your goals, and you will get exceedingly better,. For some, the miracles are the first session and for others the miracles are yet to come, but they will come! Even with this statment, i strongly feel that i still underpromise and over deliver. 

One of the favorite parts of my work is that I get to see people not just "get better" but recover and defy, with impunity, that which people believe. . . .  can be achieved through body work, and what is commonly believed, I get to share the clients disbelief, when they too inexplicably "get better.," in ways that simply shatter the norm of what any other body worker is capable of.

I often get asked "do you work on this, as in "spider veins," or do you work on that, as in "cancer." and my best answer is I don't work on any one thing, with few exceptions.  What is it then do I do you might be asking!?  Also, If you are on this page, you might be thinking, "you are so full of shit!" or, can you help me with my special health problem.? 

On the "full of shit, I have a  veritable ocean of client testimonials, with a growing list of video testimonials, doctors reports, and client stories of extra ordinary recovery which, are in part, or will be on this website. 

Can I help you? Perhaps I already have. Perhaps you have come to the right place, and here's a window of hope for whatever is ailing you. I know one thing, miracles come to those who seek and seeking is hard work! Miracles come to those who hope and fight!!!

If you are here now, you've been through a lot, some things have worked, and some haven't, and some are there with you still and you have hit the wall a lot of times along the way. 

 Lots of work!  You have fought a good fight. Welcome. 

Whew, now for what I do.

I"m a classically trained reflexologist, you probaby got that from the company name, and to this day, I spend great deals of time working on clients feet and up to their knees to help them. 

After my first year of practicing reflexology after my training at theInternational Institute of Reflexology, I then began incorporating elements of Acpuressure and working "body wide" and with a boldness that has been a game changer.  

More to come....  :)