Client Cases

Here I discuss cases (those who wish to remain anonymous)  about the results of my work.  While some call me a healer, I call myself a "helper" who helps the body to hea naturallyl. 

While my past has been a blur of people getting better, and for which the results wholly unexpected, that my greatest mistake was not recording them in real time.

These are but a few of my case files. I get to see miracles every day. 

  1. Case File 1
    Approximately 60 year old female, stated she had multiple foot surgeries to correct a variety of problems. Female walked with great pain and was assisted by a walker. Client, at the time, was the President of the Board of Cosmetology and had come in for a pedicure at the Nail Institute where I was a student. I was asked to give her a pedicure. Client said she was in a great deal of pain and said "she wasn't interested in a pedicure" but instructed me to only massage her feet to the best of my ability. I worked on client for 60 minutes then she stood up unassisted by the walker and appeared to have no pain. She then walked about the room, in front of other students and one student looked at me and said, "who are you... jesus?"
  2. Case File 2
    Client in his late 60's came in to Spa Reflexology for a pedicure. The client stated that he had edema on both ankles and was on HCL and other "water pills' to help with the edema. I have large hands and was unable to put my hand around his ankle the swelling was so substantial. Before performing a pedicure on the client I put my hands around his ankle and felt his ankle rapidly "deflating" is the only way to describe the feeling. I held his ankle for approximately 5 minutes and all the swelling disappeared. His ankle bones were actually visible. The client did not come back for subsequent treatments and I called him to ask him why and he stated that I wasn't able to help him with his shoulder pain during the session.
  3. Case File
    Male client in his mid 60's came to me with left shoulder pain and loss of mobility in side to side neck motion and with a pronounced inability to full articulate his arm upwards without pain and wincing. Total loss in mobility according to client may have been 40 percent. After the first session the client then demonstrated a remarkable improvement in rotator cuff function, turning his head side to side and the ability to articulate his arm in any possible direction without pain. Client indicated that 95 percent of his mobility had been restored after the first session..
  4. Case File
    Female client, a drop in, complained of extreme shortness of breath, inability to breathe and from outward appearances it did appear she was struggling to breath. She claims she had been diagnosed with asthma and smokes.. She also claimed her oxygen may have been around 80.. I worked on the clients legs and back and very rapidly into the session the clients breathing became relaxed and deeper. The session lasted 1/2 hour. Approximately two hours later client texted me that her O level had returned to 92 which she thought was very remarkable.