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Foot Reflexology

Ingham Method

Master Reflexologist and Acupressurist Brian Bird uses the time-honored Ingham Method, developed in the 1940s by Eunice Ingham. This form of Reflexology has been the time-honored method used for those seeking relief from chronic pain and disease. 

Brian Bird continues to advance Reflexology by providing specialized relief from a vast range of health conditions, including reduction of swelling in joints and whole body. 


Time-Honored Effective Relief!

Acupressure is the applied pressure to portions of the entire body to help reduce pain, provide theraputic relief from swelling in the body, and to restore balance and vitality for a total body boost. 

Acupressure is far different from "Acupuncture." It uses no needles or instruments, using only gentle pressure for a far more powerful effect than even deep tissue massage can provide. 

Experience the power of Acupressure today! 

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Capsule. ​ Click here to Reserve now! 

Introducing Spa Reflexology's Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Capsule.  Losing inches was never so easy! 

The "Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Capsule" is the most  advanced spa capsule to ever come to market.  Quantum capsule  uses  "photocatalytic semiconductors" providing the most advanced slimming  and skin rejuvenating capsule in the world. Age spots fade and inches are lost. It's just that simple. 

The Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Capsule" is not a steam cabin. It is most similar to a large bathtub with a special canopy. The water can be hot or cold, and when inches are lost, they are not the product of water loss.

 Normally, during water loss "sweat cabin" inches can be regained very rapidly after consuming water.  This type of heat water loss in the body is temporary. With the Quantum Capsule the loss in inches is long lasting. 

The hydrogen peroxide capsule also detoxes the body and skin.  Toxins that may be related to pathogens can be seen in the water after treatment. This is not the same detox release as ionic foot baths. Hydrogen Peroxide therapy has a skin brightening effect and will measurably lighten minor age spots in the first session. 

The only additives to the water (on client request) are pure 
Epson Salts and/or Essential Oils. There are no other detergents, additives, or preservatives!  The capsule cleans and detoxifies like nothing else to date. 

In addition to helping one slim down, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy bath is the only capsule of its kind that combines the best of  Sauna Steam Bath,  Aromatherapy  Herbal Bath,  Shower Flushing  Bath,  Dry Steaming,  Bubble Bath, Hydrotherapy,  and Body Shaping.  

Client testimonial for the Quantum Capsule
My most recent interview on KGHL 730 AM with 4 different clients who have all recovered from serious health issues.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

Music Massage 

Spa Reflexology uses the most cutting edge technology to create amplified acoustic waves using powerful transducers (not speakers) that gently massages the entire body from head to soul! This is not music therapy. This is Vibroacoustic Therapy, a treatment that has been employed for many health issues!

The science is now there to strongly support theraputic management of chronic pain, stroke, dementia, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteopena, bone degeneration, and depression. ​​​ Click here for documentation. 

Vibroacoustic therapy has a profoundly relaxing nature that is like no other. This deepest state of relaxation,  combined with vibroacoustic frequencies sent directly into the bed and the body, is part of the wonder of this therapy.  

Spa Reflexology is proud to be a leader in advanced non-invasive healing therapies and is proud to be one of the first providers of Vibroacoustic Therapy in the State of Montana!