1     Begin Tai Chi
2     Grasp Sparrows Tail
              ward off left to the north
              ward off left to the east
              roll back to press
              double push
3     Single Whip
4     Raise Hand
             roll back to shoulder
5     White Crain
6     Brush Left Knee
7     Play guitar done with a step             back
​8     Brush left knee
9     Brush right knee
10   Brush left knee
11   Play Guitar
12   Brush Left Knee
13   Step up, deflect down, parry           step, punch up
14   Escape, withdraw, punch up,           and over
15   Cross Arms

*End of First Set*

16   Embrace Tiger, return to                   Mountain, or grasp the                     Sparrow's tail diagonally

17   Diagonal Single Whip
18   Fist under Elbow
19   Step back like a monkey - left
20   Step back like a monkey - right
21   Step back like a monkey - right
22   Diagonal Flight
23   Raise Hands
24   White Crane
25   Brush left knee
26   Needle at the sea bottom
27   Spread arms like a fan
28   Turn, step strike with right               back fist
29   Twist, punch deflect down,               parry step, lift punch and pull         back   
30   Grasp the Sparrows Tail
31   Single Whip
32   Cloudy hands
33   Cloudy hands
34   Single Whip
35   Pat the horse high
36   Separate right foot
37   Separate left foot
38   Turn and sweep with left heel
39   Brush left knee
40   Brush right knee
41   Step forward and punch down
42   Snake spits forth tongue
43   Deflect down, parry step,                 punch up
44   Sweep kick with right foot
45   Hit tiger with left fist
46   Hit tiger with right fist
47   Kick with right heel
48   Box ears
49   Kick with left heel
50   Turning back kick with left               foot and side kick with right             foot
51   Cross, parry step and punch           up
52   Escape, withdraw, push up,             and over
53   Cross Hands

*End of second Set*

54   Embrace Tiger, return to                   Mountain
55   Diagonal Single Whip
56   Wild horse parts mane
​57   Grasp the Sparrow's Tail
58   Single Whip
59   Fair Lady works the Shuttle
60   Grasp Sparrow's Tail
61   Single Whip
62   Cloudy Hands
63   Cloudy Hands
64   Single Whip
65   Snake creeps down
66   Golden Pheasant stands on             left
67   Golden Pheasant stands on             right 
68   Step back like a Monkey left
69   Step back like a Monkey right
70   Step back like a Monkey left
71   Diagonal flight
72   Raise Hands
73   White Crane
74   Brush Left Knee
75   Needle at the Sea Bottom
76   Spread Arms like a Fan
77   Turn and step right to back              fist
78   Twist punch, deflect down, 
       parry step, lift punch and pull         back
79   Grasp Sparrow's Tail
80   Single Whip
81   Cloudy Hands
82   Cloudy Hands
83   Single Whip
84   Pat the horse high
85   Cross arm, grab and hip throw
86   Half lotus kick
87   Parry step right, left punch               and pull back
88   Grasp Sparrows Tail
89   Single Whip
90   Snake creeps down
91   Step up to seven stars
92   Attract and ride tiger
93   Sweep lotus kick
94   Shoot the tiger
95   Figure 8 right kick
96   Parry step and punch up
97   Escape, withdraw, push up               and over
98   Cross hands

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This video by Robert Hamiliton is a complete system of Tai Chi, Yang Style. 

To learn the steps one must practice every day.  20 minutes per day is all that is necessary. 

This video step sequence of Yang Style Tai Chi begins at 45:25,  Please fast forward to that location on the video to begin sequence training.